Amber Pendant – Earth Vibrations

Amber Pendant

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This Goddess Piece of Amber is Incredible and i surely hope my words do it justice, set in sterling silver its dimensions are

L 7cm x W 4.5xm x D 3.5cm

Ambers energy is light and bright, removing negativity from all and any situations, people and or environments. It is often referred to as the stone that helps us choose or be chosen.

Amber is actually Tree Resin and brings about activating our crown chakras stimulating the intellect. A stone sacred to the American Indians its was often used in fire ceremonies of the ancient healers.

In medieval times Amber was used as a fumigant as well as ground, soaked and ingested as a medicine. 

Amber is a powerful healer of emotions, mind and body often leaving us with a sense of vivaciousness and unconditional love.

Perfect for the thyroid/goiter and other throat diseases.