Citrine & Amber Pendant – Earth Vibrations

Citrine & Amber Pendant

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L x W 2cm x D 60mm

This Beautiful Amber and Citrine Pendant is set in Sterling Silver

Ambers energy is light and bright, removing negativity from all and any situations, people and or environments. It is often referred to as the stone that helps us choose or be chosen.

Amber is actually Tree Resin and brings about activating our crown chakras stimulating the intellect. A stone sacred to the American Indians its was often used in fire ceremonies of the ancient healers.

In medieval times Amber was used as a fumigant as well as ground, soaked and ingested as a medicine. 

Amber is a powerful healer of emotions, mind and body often leaving us with a sense of vivaciousness and unconditional love.

Perfect for the thyroid/goiter and other throat diseases.

Citrine the stone of Abundance does not hold negative energy, in fact it transmutates it into a higher more positive vibration. Often referred to as the merchants stone it is recommended you place one of these beauties in the Abundance corner of your home, cash box or purse. 

Citrine emits a comforting, warming, vibrant energy that is motivating, empowering and activating. Citrine has the ability to open, cleanse and enhance every chakra especially the solar plexus and sacral. 

She brightens the darkest corner of ones reality allowing us laughter without restraint. Needing a fresh new start then citrine is calling you.

Great for the thyroid, circulation, eyes, digestion, thymus activation, self confidence, personal power, responsibility, abundance and self worthiness.

Please note these pieces are Natural Citrine and not heat treated Amethyst.

Put these two Crystals together and you have the perfect combination for clearing the I am Centre and crown for connection, allowing abundance of what ever is needed to be confidently YOU.... I so can remember a time when i needed 10 of these how about you, are you needing this in your life right now?