Amazonite & Chrysocolla Stretch Bracelets – Earth Vibrations

Amazonite & Chrysocolla Stretch Bracelets

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These Amazonite & Chrysocolla Bracelets are bringing all the green rays, from the deepest darkest green to the softest palest green, they ooze healing and rejuvenation.

Amazonite - is a stone that dispels negativity and fear allowing us to step into the empowerment of self.Pacifying, emotionally soothing and allowing us to release our worries.Soothing and activating all the chakras but in particular rejuvenating the heart and throat, allowing communication of all love matters. balancing, allowing all layers of self to reunite. Supporting Self empowerment, Achievement, Equality and Truth.

Chrysocolla - is a powerful channelling stone and when used wisely with Black Coral will open communication to the Ascended Masters and can activate psychic abilities. Chrysocolla works with the reproductive system, childbirth, stress, the digestive system, shoulder tension, feminine power, expression, truth, surrender, the goddess within. Chrysocolla calms and revitalizes the base, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra, at the throat brings balance to expression. Chrysocolla is a stone that will tune us into the language and messages of the Earth. Chrysocolla is great for purifying the home and environment. Perfect choice for those who are reactive when they should be responsive, especially if the response should be silence. 

These pretties have been lovingly hand made by Kaz, they are stretchy but I have made two larger than normal if your wanting a larger size. 



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