Alunite Macramé Necklace – Earth Vibrations

Alunite Macramé Necklace

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This unusual  Alunite Macramé Necklace was hand woven by Kaz and has an adjustable length. 

Alunite brings harmony into a person’s life.

If you think you could use a break from the chaos of the world, Alunite may be a good option to look into in order to bring some organization and tranquility. 

Let your self focus on its soft Cream and Yellow hues and allow the Red and Purple rays do it’s work. 

This is an ancient stone discovered in the 1500s and has since then been excavated to manufacture alum.Alum has served various different purposes throughout history in ancient locations like the Roman empire, ancient China, and ancient Egypt.

Simple soak up that ancient wisdom and allow your harmony balance and creativity begin to flow .