Agate Slices Pink – Earth Vibrations

Agate Slices Pink

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These cuties are agate slices that have the tree of life laser etched on them as a gentle reminder to stay grounded, connected and balanced.

The mind boggles at what they could be used for. They would be awesome as coasters or would make a great Centre piece for a grid system or could be woven into a beautiful hanger. 

Agate is balancing of the Yin and Yang energies within the body, calming and yet bringing great awareness and precision to the analytical side of oneself. 

Stabilizing the aura Agate allows us to identified and overcome dysfunctional energies and or behaviours within self . 

Agate can encourage the abilities to connect with those that reside in the spirit world strengthening future vision, detachment to the material world and promotes fidelity to self, others and intimate relationships. 

Agate is great for Breathe, Addictions, balance, illness, identifying choices. 

 Enjoy the healing Pink rays of Love from these cuties.

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