Agate Dragon Skull Lge – Earth Vibrations

Agate Dragon Skull Lge

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Do you feel your dragon rising from within, we all have one. Maybe the consciousness of this magical being will help. 

Agate encourages us to explore the unknown and assists one in the quest of enlightenment. 

Gifting one a state of emotional balance by releasing emotional nuances which have been repressed. Aiding in a solution rather than dwelling on the problem by allowing one to understand The root cause of the problem, so a solution can be sought.

Instilling  conscientiousness, vigilance, A fourth right character and an attentiveness to detail. Ridding the  body of toxins, supporting the nervous system, bringing balance to the physical emotional and intellectual bodies, and supporting one through times of depression,frustration, anger & stress, who wouldn’t want to snuggled up to this magical being.

Unity of mind & emotion in one Simultaneous action is the healing powers of Crystalline Skull Consciousness. There are 12 skulls buried deep within the Earth assisting us with this very purpose, us uniting is the 13th. 
The crystalline cavern across the 3rd eye of this being says it all. 
Weighing 459 grams and measuring 13cm long x 7 cm across x 7 cm high.