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Adamite Raw Specimen

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Something truly rare and special this Adamite specimen is part of a private collection mined from Ojuela mine in Mapimi Durango Mexico back in the 1980’s. The quality is exceptional, delicate , sparkly and beyond beautiful. Pictures do not capture its true essence. This particular specimen displays Adamite on top only weighs 31.6 grams and measures 5cm x 4.5cm. 

Adamite instills one with courage to venture into the unknown. Aligning solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye for loving, caring stability while pursuing ones path in life. Stimulating through the energy of love and creative passion for the prosperous conduct of business and the attainment of material needs Ans wants in this reality/world. 

Encouraging letting go, flow, communication, courage to Pursue your purpose/path, wisdom, inner strength, connection, and expression. Resisting repression, depression, hopelessness, negative thought patterns, blockages and stagnation. 

This stunner is a Starchild directive two Crystal and strengthens the will of the mind to be universal in its ability from a space of heart. 

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