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Abundance Grid

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Time, Love, Health, Wealth, Laughter, Loyalty, Foresight, Rest, Letting Go, Dissolving, Kindness  they are all forms of currency which is it you need, maybe you need a few. Set your intentions and allow the spiral grid to draw to you what is desired. 

Simply choose your space, hang up your grid, sit calmly in front of it, focus on your breathe and relax. Connect your self to the Earth and allow the grounding protective energies of Tigers Eye to flow into the base and up the spine and out the crown. Feel it flow in and out, Synchronising it with your in and out breathe. Allow it to gently energise the tired parts of self. Relax the ankles, release the knees, surrender the hips, melt the shoulders, soften the elbows, unbind those wrists, loosen the finger and toes. Connecting back to that in and out breathe.

Visualise a golden ray from the Citrine in the centre of the spiral connecting to your I am centre (solar plexus) , flowing back and forth with the in out breathe, allow the golden ray to spiral those set intentions to you, breathe them deeply into your heart and mind. See yourself happy, feel yourself happy (or what ever currency’s you chose) be happy. Know that this grid sets and illuminates that space while you continue with the distractions of life. Amen.

Supporting your Abundance

The Spiral - in, out, around, above , below, over, through, inbetween 😉

Citrine - Abundance, Confidence, Warmth 

Tigers Eye - Energising, Protective, Grounding

Clear Quartz - Amplification, Light, Wisdom

pleasee note the Clear Quartz in the top is Double Terminated supporting the flow in and out also the in and out breathe, and for those with a keen eye you will notice the cool etching and coding hidden within this special specimen 🙏.

Woven with the purest intent for the highest good of the reciever  Amen.

Length 51cm x 12cm Wide, One Only . 


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