136.1hz Amethyst Crystal Tuning Fork – Earth Vibrations

136.1hz Amethyst Crystal Tuning Fork

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In chaos there exists stillness and this stunner is designed to help you find exactly that!

Vibrating 136.1 times per second connecting the Base, Solar plexus and Crown Chakra’s this weighted Amethyst Crystal Tuning fork was hand made by Kaz.

Clearing and balancing simply tap with the mallet, the weighted end of the running fork and listen to my song, then tap me again and place the amethyst end on your crown chakra (top of the head), let my vibration wash over you scanning your energy fields. 

Allow an empty mind so transformation and transmutation can begin. I’m calling forth your guides to work with us as I Cocoon you in nothing yet everything of Love, as you unfold your wings into the universe of “YOU”. 

Contains- tuning fork, mallet, black bag and card.