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124 Days of Hope and Healing

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124 days of Hope and Healing by Teresa Chatham.

in January of 2019 Teresa Chathams husband went into cardiac arrest. Due to a lack of oxygen to the brain for 45 mins, Conrad obtain an hypoxic brain injury. Although he survived, their lives changed drastically as the new focus was keeping Conrad healthy and alive. Having been together 31 years Teresa was willing to do anything to save the man she loved. She did so by trusting her inner guidance and always having hope.

In 124 Days of Hope and Healing Teresa recounts her journey. As an intuitive empath, she has an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others, and she used this gift to fight for her husband. 

A True Story, outlining one woman's ability to defy the system, medical industry, and follow what wasn't considered normal. 

I Personally know this couple, I have witnessed first hand their journey and I do believe I get a mention in the book, smiley face. Conrad and Teresa have been great friends for more than 30 years and Teresa has been kind enough to write a message in the front of the 1st 10 books for Earth Vibrations Customers, so get in quick if your wanting one of these special copies luv kaz.

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