Brass Singing Bowl – Earth Vibrations

Brass Singing Bowl

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H 6cm x W 10.5cm x 10.5cm

Brass Bowl, beige in colour and made in India. Wood and Black free stick.

Tibetan/Brass singing bowls have been used for centuries to promote health and well being. They create a range of sounds to restore one vibrations back to a normal frequency.  

Singing bowls make a great tool as an extension of self for healing and cleansing.Moonlight, or warm soapy water are a way to cleanse your bowls before you attune them to you.

To attune your bowl so that it becomes an extension of you as a tool we recommend this.... First cleanse your bowl, sit quietly with your bowl on the ground in front of you, connect to the Earth and then your bowl in that space.

Secondly raise your bowl to the heavens and connect to the heavens and your bowl.

Thirdly bring your bowl, Heaven, Earth, and Self/Breathe back to heart and fully connect with your bowl in this space.

Sit Quietly with your bowl, Listening, Feeling, Seeing, Smelling, Touching and allow what is meant to come. Trust what you are given, all bowls can work differently and how you are guided to use yours and what is use could be could be very different to anybody else. 

Sound is one of the most powerful healing vibrations there is, enjoy experimenting with the sound/vibration of your new Bowl.....  

Each bowl comes with it Stick.